Why Hire A Pooper Scooper Service

by Oct 15, 2023

We all love our dogs. And we want the best for them, right? And our family, too?

We’ve come up with a few reasons why you might want to hire a Dog Pooper Scooper Service like The Poop Valet, to come to clean your yard of those stinky piles of dog turd!


1.  Keep The Family Peace…

Of all chores to have, picking up dog poop is maybe the worst of the bunch, right? I mean NOBODY wants to go out to do backyard dog poop pickup in the freezing, snowy winter or hot, stinky summer just to have to stoop and scoop what Fido has left behind.

Kids will find any excuse not to do it. Here’s a story for you… One teen that we know of uses his $20 weekly allowance to hire a dog poop pickup service to come each week and clean up the backyard, so he doesn’t have to. So he gets out of a chore he hates. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

So instead of arguing over whose turn it is to clean up that crap, why not give us a call? We’ll do it for you!


2.  Keeping A Clean, Healthy Backyard…

Whether you have a backyard pool that you enjoy, have kids that regularly play back there, or just want to have a clean, yard with a reduced risk of disease, hiring a Dog Poop Cleanup Service is one way to enjoy your yard to the fullest.

At The Poop Valet, we can help give you that enjoyable backyard back to you to enjoy. No more hideous smells or piles to avoid!


3.  Get Your Hard Earned Time Back…

We’re all busy with work, school, volunteering, kids activities, travel, etc. There’s less time available to enjoy your home, visit with friends and relatives, and especially less opportunity to spend time with your pets.

Call us and we’ll help give some time back. Let us come scoop that poop for you. You work hard to find time to enjoy life. Let us clean that yard so you can enjoy other life activities!


4.  Oh, The Smelly House Issues…

There’s nothing worse that your dog, kids, or even yourself tracking dog poop into the house. It stinks! And it carries in disease. Who wants to have visitors over when your house smells like a kennel? Yuck.

Again, we can help with dog poop removal. Here is our dog poop clean up pricing, as well as our pet waste removal service quote form!