The Poop Valet Terms and Conditions


Payment Terms

Monthly billing is determined by several factors including location, the number of pets, yard size, and visit frequency.

  • Prepayment Requirement: Services for each month must be prepaid.
  • Invoicing: Invoices are issued five days before the month ends (e.g., April 26 for May services).
  • Payment Due: Payments are due on the first day of each service month (e.g., May 1 for May services).
  • Late Payment Policy: Services will be suspended if payments are not received by the fifth of the month, service will be paused with a resumption fee applied due to increased workload on the next service date.
  • Monthly Rate Calculation: Your monthly rate is your weekly rate multiplied by 50, then divided by 12 months. With this model, you receive two weeks of service free annually.
  • Pro-rated Invoices For New Clients: New clients will receive a pro-rated invoice for their first month based on the remaining days in the month.
  • Preferred Payment Methods: E-transfers and credit card payments are accepted, with automatic charges applied on the first day of each month for credit card users.

Credit Card Policy

Credit card details are securely stored within the Jobber CRM system and are inaccessible to The Poop Valet staff. By enrolling in our services, you consent to having your credit card charged monthly.

Late Fee

A $10.00 late fee is applicable for payments overdue by 10 days, with services suspended until payment is received. Accounts over 45 days in arrears will incur a $35 collection fee and may be forwarded to a collections agency.


Snow and Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of hazardous weather conditions that render yard cleaning unsafe or impossible, we will inform you promptly to reschedule your appointment. Should snow accumulation exceed 3 centimeters within 8 hours prior to your scheduled service, rescheduling will be necessary. Despite this, the regular weekly fee will apply due to the anticipated increased workload in the subsequent week.

If cancellation occurs due to staff illness or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be exempt from payment for that week.


Yard Access

Clients are responsible for ensuring The Poop Valet staff can access the yard. Obstructions or locked gates will still incur the regular fee due to the increased workload on the next visit, although the fee for the first such occurrence will be waived. Access through homes is not permitted; a garage or gate must be available.


Pet Safety

To ensure safety, pets should be confined away from the service area during visits to prevent any incidents.


Waste Removal Policy

We remove solid waste only. Diarrhea or waste indicating health concerns will not be handled, and clients will be notified to seek veterinary care if necessary.


Service Area Conditions

Visibility is key to effective cleaning. Areas obscured by overgrowth or debris may not be fully serviced, and clients will be notified of such conditions.



Areas beneath trampolines, within dense underbrush, or behind obstacles posing safety risks are excluded from service.


Rock and Gravel Areas

Waste removal from rock or gravel surfaces is not included.


Service Suspension

A 24-hour notice is required to pause service for credit towards the next month.



The Poop Valet is not liable for property damage or loss related to our services. We take thorough precautions to secure property after each visit.


Service Termination

Services can be terminated with a 48-hour written notice. Refunds for partial months are not issued.


Agreement to Terms

Initiating service constitutes agreement to these terms, including property access and billing practices.


Holiday Schedule

Services may be adjusted around major holidays. We are closed from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day, incurring the same fee for the subsequent service.


Privacy Policy

Your information remains confidential and will not be sold or shared externally.


Revisions to Terms

We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time. Please review periodically for any updates.


Last amended: March 18, 2024